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By Digiworld Music

Dr Joyce Logan was Marketing Director for Word Records when the label resided in Burbank, California. She worked directly with each music division to ensure strong team effort that gained successful long-range visibility for each artist. Dr. Logan developed extensive tracking reports by tracking national radio stations and retailers to gauge the rate of product rotation and sales. She was keynote speaker during major music conference dates regarding the label’s new product releases. Working hand in hand with the A&R department Dr. Logan reviewed new product from potential artists desiring to sign with the record label and was a part of the decision-making team. She worked closely with the Art division and was responsible for reviewing and signing off on cover and insert graphic design for the artist’s product. When Word relocated to Nashville, Tennessee Dr. Logan was unable to leave because she wanted to be close to her mother who was very ill at the time. While on hiatus she was asked by CGI Records to develop their marketing and promotion efforts and for six months she flew back and forth from Los Angeles to Chicago each week to accomplish the task.
In 1993 Dr. Logan with over 40 years of experience in the entertainment industry and a proven record of success with some of the top names in Gospel Music created the leading website on the Internet and the nation’s leading Music Trade Magazine for the Gospel / Christian Community called Gospel International. Dr. Logan developed the framework for a multimedia Gospel Enterprise combing traditional “street level experience” with “technology” based delivery systems. Her ability to respond to the changing marketplace using technology is an example why Ms. Logan still remains “cutting edge”. She has ongoing relationships with leading Music Industry Executives, Community and National organizations, musical artists and literally known to hundreds of thousands of Gospel International Internet followers.
As CEO of Gospel International Trade Magazine in print and online she worked directly with each department to ensure strong team effort and to gain successful results in the areas of subscription sales, ad revenue and increased distribution sources. She hired and trained 8 staff members in the administrative, marketing and sales local office; 4 International staff who displayed great skills in print design, web design, and digital skills management; 8 editorial staff who researched and submitted articles and key commentary relevant to the Gospel music community. Included within the publication was an extensive nationwide radio and retail report of top airplay lists and top sales.
Dr. Logan partnered successfully with national radio stations and retailers to provide increased visibility of product along with increased promotion for the partners. She lectured as a keynote speaker during major music conference dates on the importance of digital skills needs and training to grow and maintain a successful business. She developed and wrote a monthly Publishers Letter for inclusion in the music trade magazine that emphasized not only words to encourage, motivate and educate the reader but emphasized new technology and its effects on the music industry.
In 2010 Dr. Logan returned to college and completed her Bachelors degree in Information Technology; MBA in Marketing; and PhD in Management with a concentration in Executive Leadership. While working on her Doctorate degree she also attended Bethany Bible College simultaneously and received her certificate of completion in Evangelism with a concentration on Christian Counseling. She released her latest book DIGITAL STRATEGIES 4 MUSIC INDUSTRY SUCCESS. The book reveals where music industry personnel and artists currently stand regarding new technology and digital strategies. It chronicles how new technology affected the music industry over decades and how technology used strategically can propel companies and artists towards success in the music industry. It shows how many old-school practices for marketing and promoting new music are still being implemented, but how today's digital standards coupled with some old school practices will still get recorded projects miles ahead of the game by using the blueprint in the book. DIGITAL STRATEGIES 4 MUSIC INDUSTRY SUCCESS provides marketing insight and resources that will allow music industry leaders, artists, and personnel to become more skilled and successful in the music business, utilizing digital skills, strategies, and techniques shared within its pages.
While running and operating DigiWorld Music Dr. Logan currently manages artist, Dave Shirley, who is known for his strong vocals and key casting roles in stage plays across the country. His latest single “Let’s Help One Another” is receiving great reviews around the country and the video containing the soundtrack is bridging the gap between musical genres and cultures.

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