His Story

Dave Shirley, the eighth of nine children and a native of Florida, entered the world of singing before live audiences at the age of five.  His father pastored three churches in three different states; Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. Dave accompanied his father on many occasions and gained popularity for his strong vocals and guitar playing. Many thought Dave would become a preacher because of his powerful delivery to the congregations. His presentation and delivery on stage usher people into the presence of God. At age twelve, with guitar in hand, Dave joined his first singing group, The Mighty Thunderbirds, and continued singing and playing his guitar throughout high school and college.

Each summer Dave would visit his aunt in Hamilton, Ohio where he maintained a relationship with close friends, Roger Troutman and his brothers who had formed a band as young teenagers. Dave was the lead singer of the group. Because he had to return back home each year he was unable to stay with the group who eventually went on to become the famous Roger and Zapp [Band].

Roger Troutman

After completing high school he moved to Jacksonville, Florida to attend college, where he often played trombone for a local secular group. He’d learned to play the trombone in the high school band. While in Jacksonville he also played lead guitar for a prominent gospel group called the Mighty Golden Jubilees. After receiving his degree Dave began singing and acting professionally. He left Jacksonville and moved to California to further his acting and singing career.

Dave sang with The Goldenaires

Dave was a cast member of the production of “Precious Lord – The Untold Story of Gospel Music”, and performed leading roles in numerous stage plays, films, and television shows. Some of his credits are “God’s Trying to Tell You Something”, “Inquest of Sam Cooke”, “Is There a Preacher in The House”, and “Uncle Fletcher’s Money”

His powerful singing voice and acting ability earned him top billing in plays touring throughout the United States and in his travels,  he shared the stage and performed with renowned acts and artists such as Aretha Franklin,

Dave played guitar, backing Aretha Franklin concert in Los Angeles
The Mighty Clouds of Joy

The Temptations (as occasional backup), Stevie Wonder, The Chi-Lights, The Delphonics, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Shirley Caesar, James Cleveland and the Southern California Community Choir, and Kirk Franklin to name a few.

Because of his musical versatility and high-performance energy, Dave Shirley performs not only during major concert appearances but for corporate and business banquets and major company functions.

Diane Watson – Retired U.S. House of Representative

Each year he performs an eclectic of tunes from gospel to jazz to R&B for the annual Christmas party hosted by retired U.S. House of Representative, Diane Watson.

As an aerospace engineer, working in the space station, one of Dave’s memorable moments was receiving a certificate of recognition for his dedication, commitment, and support of the successful flight of STS-88 into space.

While working for Boeing he formed a singing group known as The Extravagant International Space Station Engineers of Boeing who sang at company-related events and holidays.

The Extravagant International Space Station Engineers of Boeing

Forfeiting a broader reaching music career and recording contracts offered, Dave felt that if he stayed the course with his aerospace career until he retired and continued to stay on top of his musical performances he would one day move higher in his music performances and appeal. In 2017 he performed in concert with The Redeemed Souls to consistently sold-out crowds. He also performed with the

Spiritual High Tones gaining the same results.

After retiring from his aerospace career, he sought out music industry veteran, Dr. Joyce Logan to manage his career. After hearing his single “Let’s Help One Another”, Dr. Logan knew Dave Shirley would be an asset and a voice of hope to the world with his lyrics of help and hope in the music industry. Recognizing the versatility of his music styles she inspired him to complete a full album which she produced and entitled REFLECTIONS OF DAVE SHIRLEY which can be found at all major digital outlets such as Amazon, iHeart Radio, Jango Radio, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Apple Music, and many others.

Dave Shirley is multi-faceted in that he can sing gospel, country, reggae, classical, and pop with a committing style like very few artists display on stage or in a church setting.

The intensity of his emotions while singing draws the listener in whether it’s feeling his music on radio, or internet, or simply watching Dave perform live. Millinneal fans have labeled Dave’s brand of Gospel Music “Neo-Soul” and he is sought after by these fans. His passion for wanting to help his fellow man keeps him busy and motivated to do more.

Dave’s passion for humanity inspired him to write the song “Let’s Help One Another”. When asked what inspired him, he spoke of the current conditions that exist in the world today with homelessness, the political climate, and other social and economic issues and and the toll it has taken on families and communities. His focus in the lyrics is to inspire and encourage others to get involved, show more love and compassion; to show that they care with a simple smile or an act of kindness, or simply saying “hello”.

During the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic Dave spent a great deal of his time during the isolation period providing virtual interviews for radio stations across the country, in addition to virtual panel discussions and workshops such as C & M Media’s European sibling team Carol and Myles Crawford, and the Independent Gospel Artist Alliance headed by Phillip Carter and Earl Bynum. Dave can also be seen on the GOSPEL INTERNATIONAL channel on ROKU TV and Amazon Fire TV (stick).

Billboard magazine once wrote that Dave Shirley’s music bridges the gap and inspires not just one genre but many genres of music and culture. He looks forward to more stage plays along with concert performances not just as an entertainer but one who inspires, uplifts and encourages the masses, nationwide and abroad.


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